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electric radiant under floor heating system
- 19.02.2010 - Art Nr: 3

U.S. Floor Heating is a U.S. Manufacturer dedicated to bringing you the comfort of quality electric radiant under floor heating system. The energy efficient floor heating system simply uses electric floor heating to produce heated floors, which then naturally radiates to warm up the rest of the room. In addition to reducing energy costs, radiant floor heating will reduce air-born allergens as you reduce the amount of air forced through a dusty and noisy duct system by using floor heating

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Over 70% of the average household’s energy use for heating the house
- 19.02.2010 - Art Nr: 2

Over 70% of the average household’s energy use goes into space and water heating, so a source of free hot water to use instead of commercial energy can make a dramatic financial saving. Solar Water Heating is the renewable technology of choice for most UK households as it offers a quicker payback (7-15 years for an average household) than PV (20-30 years) and the advantage that there is already an established network of installers. More immediate financial impact on your energy budget can achieved through energy saving measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation that typically pay for themselves in 1- 3 years

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