U.S. Heating System Dealer Application

Join the U.S. Heating System Team!

We invite you to apply to become a USHS Dealer.
USHS is expanding its green energy products, offering new and innovative technology, and creative marketing programs. We are also extending an invitation for dealers to join the USHS Team. 

U.S. Heating System - Dealer Application

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on geographical location, number of sales people, potential sales volume, and a number of other factors. Not all applications will be accepted. By submitting the following confidential information you are hereby granting USHS permission to perform a Credit Inquiry regarding your Company.

If approved as a USHS dealer, you will be required to purchase a minimum of $200 worth of sample kits (significantly discounted) before your account is activated.

Once your account is activated, you are expected to meet an annual $20,000 sales threshold in order to retain your status as a USHS dealer.
Please review and have all required information ready prior to filling out this application.
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U.S. Heating System Dealer Application
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