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Heating Systems

Using today's technology in the right way will give you tomorrow's savings. With our Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera our Infrared Inspection will highlight the key locations of energy loss and safty concerns so that you may consulate with a carpenter, window, door, ect. expert on how to best handle the situation.


Infrared Inspections

IR Imaging


Electrical Imaging Solutions Infrared Inspection

Infrared Inspections can be the most effective tool for identifying electrical equipment components that have deteriorated and become defective. Reduce conductivity and a rise in the components resistance level may be preventing the electrical equipment from fully and safely functioning. When this occurs the amount of power dissipated will become noticeable in the form of heat with an infrared inspection.

Home Energy Audit

Mechanical Imaging Solutions Infrared Inspection

Mechanical Infrared Inspection can prevent/reduce downtime and emergency repairs along with a reduction in total man-hours spent of preventative maintenance by specifically targeting the repairs. Infrared Inspections will often lead to a extended life for the equipment and increased reliability.

IR Inspection


Gas Imaging Solutions Infrared Inpspection

Infrared Inspection will use today's state of the art equipment and identify the key areas that are causing you to lose energy and/or equipment failures. As with any problem, 50% of the solution is understanding and identifying the problem so that you are in a better position to do something about it.

Thermal Imaging